Anti Money Laundering

  • Anti Money Laundering

Product Perspective

The product is banking software. The system will take three input files from currently running financial application. This application will accept the file and collect all the information and will store it in the database to generate different reports on demand depending on the requirements. The purpose of the system is to generate the Threshold report at the end depending on the sets of rules.

Product Functions

This application will be having to main functions.
Input the information
One the user authenticity will be checked and allocation will allow the user to proceed further, then there will be a menu which will be asking for three main tasks
1:  Transactions:
2:  Upload the FT files
3:  Set up: setup some rules and regulations or some values for further calculations
4:   Administration

Output the reports

When all pre credentials will be satisfied e-g; transaction have been uploaded, criteria have been setup then the reports will be generated which will take data from the database which was provided during the transactions and based upon the roles which was set up.

Operating Environment

As the application is a windows based application so Microsoft windows will be the hosting platform. And for database MS Access will be required to host the database where all the data will be residing.
There will also be needing of a .net frame work 3.5 under which the application will run to support the application supporting files.

Design and Implementation / Constraints

Form design and construction point of view the architecture will be completely “OO” (Object Oriented) based and “Disconnected 3 Tire Architecture”. The application will be developed in Dot Net environment which is from Microsoft and for the data base MS Access will be used which is also from Microsoft. In Dot Net the development language will be C#.