Banking Application Development

Evolution in the banking and finance industry is inevitable in today’s era. Banks greatly depends on its security systems and modern technologies. Thus a lot of companies invest in upgrading financial application development in order to increase their operational efficiency. In order to stay ahead in the industry, banking and other financial organizations require banking applications that can manage and secure data regarding a ginormous amount of customers, employees and other personal documents. This has increased the need for secure and efficient banking software developments that can incorporate everyday business chores while gaining profit. By acquiring high-end banking software solutions, Management of business processes become more crystal clear. Professional software developers decrease the risk of error and increase chances of success. Due to the top notch banking application development technologies, we already have the facility of mobile banking and being able to pay bills online, get security alerts in our mail, and access our bank accounts online.

Banking Software Development

The new banking software development aims to provide a wide range of functionality while it focuses on various models simultaneously. Flexibility and security are main features of a quality banking software. Every developing banking application need to focus on merger and acquisitions activities. Banking software development is necessary for ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth execution of business operations.  Some other benefits of utilizing banking software development services include accuracy, speed, flexibility along with a range of products to offer which increases customers. It is a growing industry with great opportunities.

Online banking is one phenomenon that is quickly evolving. The banking applications available today for this specific sector are quite extraordinary. While some offer the same features as previously available, other banking application developments are aiming for increased functionality. Mobile banking applications are evolving through inventions like the mobile wallet. New mobile apps enable us to trade stocks from our smartphone. The mobile wallet allows us to use our smartphone at stores by running a bar code scanner at the store and paying for our purchases. Customers also use an alternative, ‘WAP billing’ when it comes to paying online with a debit card or credit card. These developments are making it easier to replace ordinary, traditional methods with more advanced and convenient methods. People now days find these methods easier and accessible. Such advancements in the financial category of rising industries will help technology and the era of modernization evolve immensely.

Anti-Money Laundering

Define Risk
  • Keep a track of places you operate
  • Know where the threats are hiding
  • Identify the risks inherent in different customer types
Quantify Risk
  • Determine the quantitative impact of risks.
  • Understand how locations affect the risks.
  • Profile and risk-rate customers holistically based on risk attributes including customer geography, sources of funds, business type etc..
Manage Risk
  • Define corporate roles and responsibilities
  • Determine risk categories
  • Automate transaction monitoring
  • Report suspicious activity
  • File Suspicious activity

Billing System

  • Define service by the bank to its customers
  • Link customer accounts to services
  • Define billing rules for individual accounts
  • Define charge accounts
  • Link services to income accounts
  • Income by volume
  • Income by service

Customer Account Master Data

  • Legal documents like Work Permit, Company Registration and Passport etc..
  • Authorized personal details for each customer and all of its accounts
  • Share holders details
  • Assign relation managers to companies
  • Company Profile
  • Document Tracking
  • Audit Trail
  • Authorized Personal Expiry Report