Barracuda Backup Solution

The barracuda backup is a cost efficient and remote data backup. Barracuda backup is a tool with monthly or yearly subscription. The combination of offsite storage and backup provides two in in one benefit. The backup also makes a copy of all the data and safely transfers the it to offsite servers without burdening production servers. The offsite servers are monitored and secured by barracuda central as part of the monthly barracuda backup subscription. It provides three copies of secured data and lays out different methods on how to restore an organization’s assets after a downfall, the barracuda backup solution is a detailed, adjustable and efficient so the company can recover in difficult times with ease.

Barracuda backup incorporates a strong combination of encryption. It begins with the most secure 256-bit AES encryption level. It promises such high level security because it is secured by encryption methodology both while being shared offsite and during its storage process at barracuda central. Data backup is made easier and more affordable than ever in order to protect all your data from cyber-attacks, natural phenomenon’s, hardware failures, and corrupt files. An integrated solution all in one. It is easy to manage and set up. It is fairly easy to use and maintain once you learn. All services are handles by one vendor which makes it hassle free. There are multiple ways on how to use such features and which ones to put in use according to your preference. The data is backed up to secure private location of your own choice.

Best Cloud Storage Services

As the name suggests it is the storage of any kind of data on a remote system. It is usually a collection of servers in a data center. The purpose of this service is to allow clients to house information remotely rather than locally in their computers which usually run out of space. The data is uploaded via the Internet to a server. There are various well known cloud storage providers, the prices depend on the amount of storage you acquire. There are many free cloud storage providers but amount of storage is low. If you plan on storing a huge amount of data, you may need to find a proper cloud storage plan and Absolute Solutions can help you best in this matter. So here are some of the best cloud storage services.

Dropbox: You’ve probably heard about this since it is one of the most popular storage apps. It provides users with three main accounts: Free (2GB), Pro (100 GB) and Team (1TB). It is available on both desktop and mobile. In order to download the free app, you only need to visit the Dropbox website. The upper hand this service has that there is no limit to file size and it also helps you share your data with other dropbox users.

iCloud:  Another famous invention by Apple.  In the start it gives you 5GB of free space. To acquire more space, you have to get the paid version. If you want 20 GB, you have to pay $40 a year. For 50 GB you need to pay $100 a year. The exclusivity of this service is that it automatically backs up all your data directly to iCloud from your apple devices.

SkyDrive: It is owned by Microsoft. Users receive 7GB of space for free and in order to increase storage space users have to subscribe to the paid version. For $10 they receive 20GB and for $25 they will get 50GB and for $50 will get 100GB. It is compatible on different software’s such as iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.

Box: It is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses. The company provides cloud storage and file hosting for personal accounts and businesses; free and paid. The free account offers 5GB of storage. The paid accounts require $10 for 25GB per month and 50GB requires $20 a month. Box offers desktop apps for Windows and Mac. It also comes with a Mobile app for Android, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Windows. It allows you to share files with other users and restricts who can download or edit files according to your preferences.

Following are the details what Absolute Solutions offers in Barracuda Backup solution:

The Barracuda Advantage

  • Simple pricing with no per-application or per-server licensing fees.
  • Backup software, local storage, and remote storage that can be rapidly deployed in under an hour.
  • Cloud-based central management for seamless multisite administration.
  • Rapid local or remote recovery, preventing data loss and minimizing down time.
  • Available as a virtual appliance that can be deployed without requiring additional hardware.

Product Spotlight

  • Built-in cloud and site-to-site replication prevent data loss in case of disaster.
  • LiveBoot and Cloud LiveBoot for VMware recover virtual machines in minutes.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects Microsoft Office 365 environments from data loss.
  • Offsite vaulting of historical revisions frees up valuable space on local storage.
  • Compression and deduplication for up to 50X reduction in storage and bandwidth requirements.

Physical and Virtual

Most businesses today have a mixed environment of physical and virtual servers. Barracuda Backup is a single solution to protect physical servers and virtual machines (VMware & Hyper-V) with snapshot and granular file recovery—all with unified management for replication and retention.

All-in-One Backup Solution

Barracuda Backup is a complete solution that comes from one vendor. It combines software, in-line deduplication, and offsite cloud or private replication without per-server or per-application licensing fees.

Flexible Deployment

Barracuda Backup is available as both an all-in-one physical appliance or virtual appliance.

Barracuda Cloud Storage, Cloud Control and Cloud LiveBoot recovery allow simple remote replication, seamless multisite administration, and rapid access to virtual machines during site disasters.

Site-to-site replication, Local Control management, and Local LiveBoot recovery allow complete protection for those operating in private environments or deploying private cloud technologies.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

While Software-as-a-Service and cloud-hosted environments, such as Microsoft Office 365, are a fantastic way to mitigate natural and mechanical failures, human-caused data loss is still ever present.

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365 environments protects Exchange Online mailboxes and OneDrive for Business files and folders from accidental deletion and data loss.


  • Full local backup and restore
  • Inline, block-level, source- and target-based deduplication and compression
  • Built-in WAN acceleration
  • Cloud or site-to-site replication
  • Real-time inline replication to offsite storage
  • Export to external disk, tape, autoloaders, or robotic libraries
  • 256-bit AES of data in transit and at rest to remote locations
  • Near-continuous data protection
  • VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT)
  • Single agent for Windows systems and applications

Offsite Vaulting

  • Vault historical revisions offsite to Barracuda Cloud Storage or a remote location
  • Extend offsite-only retention up to 12 monthly and 7 yearly revisions

Long-term Retention

  • Backup Export Tool allows archiving to tape, external media, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Supports archiving to virtual tapes stored in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier using the AWS Storage Gateway-VTL


  • Restore physical server backups into vSphere and Hyper-V virtual environments with Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) restores
  • Bare metal restore for Windows and Linux environments
  • Download or recover data from anywhere at anytime without the need for a local appliance
  • Seamless access to local and offsite data from a single pane of glass
  • Instant VM recovery with LiveBoot for VMware
  • Granular file recovery for VMware and Hyper-V
  • File revision history
  • Granular Microsoft Exchange message-level recovery
  • VMware CBT restores

Granular SharePoint Recovery with Kroll Ontrack

Granular file search and recovery
Restore to multiple locations

Virtual Appliance

  • Support for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Simple capacity-based licensing with no per-anything fees
  • Built-in replication to Barracuda Cloud Storage or remote site

Administration and Policy Management

Central management through Barracuda Cloud Control
Local management through Barracuda Local Control
Data transfer rate limits
Health status monitoring via mobile apps
Role-based administration
Flexible data retention
Backup exclusion rules

Reporting and Statistics

  • Server health monitoring
  • Network traffic utilization
  • Storage efficiency
  • Replication outage notifications
  • Detailed restoration reports
  • Audit logs and offline notifications
  • Automated email reports
  • Large item reports subscriptions

Energize Updates

  • Award-winning live 24/7 customer support
  • Firmware updates
  • Automatic agent upgrades
  • No per-server or per-application fees

Instant Replacement

  • Next business day shipping on hardware replacement gets you back up and running fast
  • Includes hardware refresh every four years keeping you on the latest platform at no additional cost
  • Disaster recovery service preloads most recent data and configurations onto replacement hardware in the event of a disaster

Unlimited Cloud Storage

  • All the storage you need to replicate Barracuda Backup to the cloud and extend retention with offsite vaulting

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

  • Stand-alone subscription for direct-to-cloud backup that protects Microsoft Office 365 environments