Best Inventory Management System

  • Best Inventory Management System

IMS (Inventory Management System in Saudi Arabia)

IMS (inventory management system in Saudi Arabia) is designed for mid-sized organizations. Inventory management software is multi-location, multi-platform system that can be run using PC, tablet or mobile phone. It is designed for whole sale and manufacturers and trader, has flexible security function, can define access rights for each your employee. System calculates item costs using FIFO and Average methods. IMS creates orders and invoices very fast and sends them via email to your customers.

Inventory system works with MS SQL Server and MS Access database files. Absolute Solutions’ Inventory Management Software is a very powerful network inventory system for any small to mid-sized business. Has ability to handle more than 100’000 items.

System can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises as par user requirement.

Features of IMS (Inventory Management Software in Saudi Arabia)

User Setting

  • Create User
  • Account Setting
  • Reset my password
  • Define Roles

Location Setting

  • Define Location
  • Allocate Location

Item Category

  • Define Category
  • Define Item Specification


  • Create Department

Supplier Category

  • Create Supplier Category
  • Define Supplier

Purchase Order

  • Create Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order (Admin) Screen
  • Purchase Order Alert

Gate Inward Pass

  • Create Gate Inward Pass
  • Create Gate Inward Pass(Admin) Screen

Quality Check

  • Quality Check
  • Quality Check (Admin) Screen

Goods Received

  • Goods Received Screen
  • Goods Received(Admin) Screen

Stock Management

  • Enter Stock
  • Issue Stock
  • Stock Return
  • Stock Issue Request
  • Stock Issue Alert
  • Item Threshold Alert
  • Stock Re-Issue
  • Stock Transfer
  • Stock Disposable Request
  • Pending Stock Disposable Request
  • Pending Stock Issue Request


  • Item Report
  • Item Category Report
  • Location Wise User Report
  • Department Report
  • Supplier Category Report
  • Supplier Report
  • Consumer Report
  • Purchase Order Summary Report

Processing Report

  • Purchase Order Report
  • Gate Inward Pass Report
  • Quality Assurance Report
  • Goods Received Report
  • Stock Disposable Report
  • Stock Issue Request Report
  • Stock Issue Report
  • Pending Request Report
  • Stock Return Report
  • Stock Return
  • Stock Detail Report

Consolidated Report

  • Stock Summary Report (With & Without Date Filter)
  • Stock Detail Report (With & Without Date Filter)

Inventory Management System in Saudi Arabia
Best Inventory Management System in Saudi Arabia