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Procurement Automation System

I-Synergy Smart Enterprise Work Flow for HR , Finance, Admin and Company Directors 

iSynergy Expense Insight:

Many companies don’t realize their spending. Your business is paying for lots of things. The manual process they are using now a days to support the spending process are merely exercises in “damage control”. Approving invoices after the goods have been purchased. Waiting for invoices to hit your General Ledger to find out you’re over budget. Paying higher prices due to off-contract “maverick” purchasing. These are common examples of damage control that negatively affect your business and impact your bottom line. iSynergy is the Best Procurement System in town that fullfils all your Procurement Automation System needs.

Make the shift from damage control to spend control to consistently enforce desired spend management policies and process compliance. Let I – synergy Expense insights help you confirm available funds and update budgets weeks before the invoice hits your General Ledger. Use it to enforce the use of only authorized approvals, and spend visibility throughout all stages from procurement to reporting and create detailed audit trails of historical events that can be used to further enhance spending policies and lower overall prices for the goods and services that are needed to keep your business running smoothly.

iSynergy Expense Insight is a highly flexible payment tracking system created by Absolute Solutions that can be used for a number of purposes. It provides efficient control in your day to day spending by stopping unwanted purchases before they occur rather than cleaning up messes after the fact. I-Synergy Expense insight empowers clients to implement spend management best practices to manage spending with a high level of visibility, predictability and control.

This application is useful for top and middle management. Middle management can use it to approve/refuse payments, while top management can use it to view payments being dispersed. Any payment made can be tracked all the way from a quick summary view to the invoice. It provides a quick view of payments made on a certain date or between a set of dates. The hierarchy levels can be customized for approval or refusal of payment requests. Top management also has the option to drill down into any payment to get to the very bottom details.


Absolute solutions’ iSynergy Expense Insight helps organizations slash overhead costs with better expense visibility. It can help you streamline business processes, provide greater visibility and control over organizational spending, more effectively manage compliance risk and improve current SOPs. Below are some of the highlighted features.

Automated Requisitions:

Implement a universal purchase requisition process that you can see, control, and that practically runs itself. Purchasing departments can generate real value for an organization by ensuring that all purchases are pre-approved internally.

Digital Approvals:

After successful initiation of request. The request is then appeared at the dashboard of the approving authority, in our case it goes to the Head of Department.

Financial insights:

Efficiently generate funds detail with all its particulars ranging from requisition ID to date, approving authority, product description, amount etc. The same report then can be generated into PDF format.

Hierarchy Maintenance:

Manage all your hierarchy in organization in order to gain efficient control.

Smart Search Option:

iSynergy Procurement Automation Software also allows to search any of the requisition and also drill down facility to look for the initiator, approving authority, amount and supporting documents etc.