• Billing


Billing Application adds value to your customer relationship by offering transparency, flexibility and control through personalized and localized corporate billing.

Application works manually or on scheduled basis along with existing ERP system (T24).

Banking systems provide different services to their corporate clients.Our billing system is capable of handling multiple currencies and rates settings for individual customer.

Corporate customer needs:

  • unique set of requirements
  • personalized banking services
  • total control and flexibility on their charging accounts
  • better visibility of their expenses

Customer relationship manager needs:

  • more localized content in billing statements
  • to add customer information in billing which is not part of core ERP.
  • to define customer centric billing charges for each service

Summary Reports

  • Billing Statement
  • T24 Accounting Report

Detailed Reports

  • Client Enquiry
  • Detailed Billing Enquiry
  • Volume Report Billing Confirmation
  • Volume Report by Client & Service

Profile Reports

  • Tariff Enquiry
  • Service Enquiry
  • Exemption Report
  • WebADI Account
  • Mapping Accounts