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Time Attendance Management System in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Every well-established Human resource department employs thousands of employees every day. In order to manage such a vast number, companies are recommended to install time and attendance systems. Having computerized HR time and attendance system can help organizations across all industries save time and money whether it is small scale or enterprise level. Which efficiently keeps a check on every employee’s check in and check out time. In order to help various HR departments, have a hassle free work environment. Time and attendance system has become a necessity. The high tech features associated with the software effectively manage all possible areas of conduct.Benefits of Time and Attendance Software
It manages employees leaves which in return also keeps a check on their salaries. Our system reduces any possibilities of human error and promotes efficiency. Since our system will keep a check on employees working hours and payrolls, it frees up valuable labor hours that you can incorporate into other productive uses. One of the benefits of such a software is that it enables the system to conveniently track down the hours of every employee’s daily hours and shows patterns of tardiness. These reports can be helpful when it comes to eliminating problematic employee’s contracts. Secondly, time and attendance systems make scheduling easy and help manage multiple shift patterns and overlapping shifts. The software is also set in accordance to state’s rules regarding overtime, minimum wage, long shifts and weekly hours worked. These mechanical checks determine security and regularity which are essential for any workplace or organization.

Services Provided

• Absentees reports
• Attendance data
• Tardiness reports
• Monthly data documentation
• Shift assignment
• Employee reports

Core Security Provided

• User rights management
• Key code policy configuration
• User management
• Activity logs
• Access data

Biometric Attendance System

Due to the current rise in the world of technology, security has become an insecurity for many including the strongest enterprises. Which is why biometric attendance systems have been introduced all over the world, which leaves no space for human error. The biometric attendance system  are most widely used in schools, offices and even airports now. The cost efficient and effective software system is more widely used.

Types of Biometric Attendance

There are various types of biometric systems. These systems are designed to scan various unique physical features such as facial, retinal, finger and even hand geometry. We use such unique physical features because every feature differs person to person which makes it impossible for people to replicate or copy someone’s identity.

Benefits of Biometric Attendance

This eliminates employee proxy attendance. Modern biometric time attendance connects to HR software directly. Which in return aids in report making without any difficulty because it uses latest data updated by the system. Secondly, since attendance is related to monthly wage. These systems efficiently reduce any errors related to leave or absence therefore not affecting the employee’s salary. Finally, the biometric attendance system . They depend on fingerprint scanning or iris scans. So no chip cards are required which employees tend to lose or misplace.

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