Human Capital Management System (HCMS)

Human Capital is the most critical asset for any organization in today’s challenging business environment. Efficient and effective management of this capital is essential for success regardless of the size or specialty of the organization. However, processing the large amounts of data required for integrated and efficient HR management becomes problematic if done manually or through stand-alone system.

Absolute Solutions’ Human Capital Management System automates the entire process, from recruitment to retirement, so organizations can strategically align their resources for maximum profitability and operational efficiency. The Human Capital Management System integrates information from recruiting, performance evaluation, training, payroll, benefits administration and time management to provide an up-to-date view of the entire organization.

Absolute Solutions has collaborated with Middle East’s largest financial institutions to develop its HR Management System. This ensures that our Human Capital Management System is designed in a way to facilitate actual workflows and solve real-life problems faced by HR departments at large organizations.

Trainings Management

The Training Management module enables HR to track the education, technical skills and qualifications of employees. It also allows electronic management of learning resources, making information available on courses, books, web based learning materials and electronic media. The module allows HR to manage training schedules and delegate trainers and resources appropriately. Trainings can be approved for employees with associated budget and performance management.
  • Annual or quarterly Requirements collection of training plans per department
  • Training budget reports and approval workflows
  • Automatic Per deem Calculations
  • Integrated workflow for payment to schools, travel agents and employees by payroll department
  • Automatic updating of resumes for individual employees who received trainings
  • Search tools for trainings and schools for training coordinator
  • Annual budget and expense reports for trainings
  • Automatic training plans based on annual evaluation and goals achievements
  • Registration and entry in the HRMS

Goal Based Evluation

Goal Based Performance Evaluation allows departmental heads and HR to allocate and track department wise goals/targets at granular level quarterly or annual basis. Interactive reporting mechanism visually highlights performance against pre-determined expectations. The system identifies need for another training or due evaluations and generates an automated recommendation.
  • Beginning of the year workflow will start with goal allocation process per division per department per employee
  • End of quarter evaluations per division per department per employee
  • Automatic reports for evaluation manager about evaluation results
  • KPI's and graphs based on the percentage wise goals achievements
  • Weak areas and missing portions of the goals achievements
  • Trainings recommendations based on the missing goals

Core Competencies & High Potential Evaluation

With this module HR Management carries out the evaluation process based on the specific criteria designed by the management for specific employees. This module highlights automated algorithmic assessment based on their achievements, improvements, feedback and ability to cope with challenges.
  • Core competencies for evolving out the leadership
  • Managerial and leadership Evaluations against criteria's allocated by management for selected candidates (communication skills, management skills, leadership skills, punctuality)
  • Leadership arousing based on feedbacks / every quarter from up links as well as down links
  • Automatic algorithmic quarterly and yearly assessment
  • To bring quality leadership on the higher fronts based on the achievements, improvements, feed backs and challenges executions


The Recruitment module provides a central database for managing the company’s recruitment efforts. It allows HR teams to attract potential candidates for available positions within the organization. It also provides the facility to track the applicants throughout the recruitment process. The module allows users to:
  • Online resume collection
  • Resume manager control panel
  • Advanced resume search tool
  • Identify potential applicants through existing data or new information gathered through various means
  • Analyze resource usage and requirements
  • Interview logs
  • Candidate registration in existing HRMS
  • Integrated SMS notifications

Manpower Planning & Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting simplifies the process of HR budgeting and planning by identifying job vacancies and linking them to the recruitment process. Vacancies can be posted online; the system tracks the job opportunity through the hiring process and identifies available budgets for each position.
  • Add Vacancies
  • Remove Vacancies
  • Calculate Budget