Initial Public Offering (IPO) Management

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Management


Challenges Faced By IPO Operations Staff

  • Managing too many data formatting templates
  • Painfully laborious data compilation activity
  • Increased risk of human error and negligence
  • No staging area to prepare for an upcoming IPO
  • Complex management and tracking of rejected IPO responses
  • Complex, tiresome and boring reconciliation of IPO response and allocations
  • IPO Management System to the rescue… SMART-IMPORT utility to collect data from different sources and data types. E.g. T24 Transaction records, FMS Response Records, FMS Allocation records and other supportive data.
  • Creating, managing and reusing data transformation templates has never been easier.
  • All your late sittings have now been eliminated by our 1-click ‘Generate Responses’ button.
  • Automatic tracking of rejected records.
  • Say good by to manual checking by our IMPORT-&-RECONCILE feature.
  • Complete Audit Trail.
  • Prepare yourself before an IPO launch by working in simulation mode.