Data Center Security

Endpoint and network security are no longer enough. Modern threats demand a new layer of protection that can keep the high-value applications and data assets in your physical and virtual data centers secure, yet accessible.

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Traditional Defenses Are No Longer Enough

Back when networks were closed, hackers were merely pranksters, and websites were simply digital brochures, blocking intruders with endpoint and network security was sufficient.
But times have changed. Today’s more open and online enterprise gives almost anyone “help yourself” access to assets in your data center. What’s more, governments, criminals, and hacktivists have displaced pranksters and are targeting your critical applications and data assets with sophisticated, frequent, and large-scale attacks.
Predictably, endpoint and network defenses are strained by these new realities; they were designed for a different time and a simpler threat. The proof is in the headlines: despite huge investments in the latest anti-virus software and next-gen firewalls, companies are still getting hacked. What’s needed is a security solution that can block threats while allowing easy, appropriate access to the data assets essential to building and running your business.

We Add a Third Pillar to Close the Gap

Endpoint and network solutions are the first and second pillars of enterprise security, but you can’t conduct business safely without the third pillar: data center security.
Our approach simply makes sense. Rather than focus on the infrastructure, we add a layer of protection that directly surrounds the applications and data assets targeted by today’s hackers and malicious insiders. With a comprehensive, integrated security platform built from the ground up for the data center, we provide the visibility and control you need to:

  • Neutralize threats such as attack, theft, and fraud from both outside and inside the enterprise—without adding complexity or slowing down the business.
  • Quickly and cost-effectively achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce risk with automated, repeatable processes.

Protecting your assets in the modern world requires a third pillar of enterprise security. Let us show you how we stop threats where it matters most—your data center.

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