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Today’s pharmaceutical industry operates in increasingly complex regulatory and business environment. Drugs manufacturers face multifarious challenges from product research to managing supply chain channels, supervising final product manufacturing & distribution.
Absolute Solution offers enterprise level product SmartOnco that enables Sales professionals to conduct best Pharmaceutical Industry practices that contribute towards providing a comprehensive coverage of global pharmaceutical markets. We help organizations to meet the highest standard and controls for streamline sales processes.

Product Brief

SMARTOnco is a Sales/Field Force Management System intended to include a variety of features that can assist Pharmaceutical Company Users in managing their sales activities. Currently, the medicine/products in the system are related to ‘Oncology’ only, i.e. the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of tumours, but the system is capable of handling any item. An introduction to the system and basic activities involved are described below.

The sales in the system target following four sectors. Each sectors describes the type of sale with an account. The brief description of each sector is listed below.

Sales Sectors:

• Local Purchase order (LPO) Sector: Sale of registered products (brands) to Government institution account(s).
• Private Sector(PVT): Sale of registered products (brands) to Private or nongovernmental institution account(s).
• Direct Sale (DS) Sector: Sales of Unregistered products (Brands) to Government or Private Institution account(s).
• Tender Sector(TDR): Sale of registered products to Ministry of Health (MOH) centers accounts.

Field Force:

Field force is the salesman or medical representative who has been assigned a target to sell the brands to Accounts. Target is fixed on a monthly basis of budgeting.

System Processes:

Following are the areas managed by the system:

• Admin module: Administration module for user management.

• Field Forcing: The process of field forcing is assigning products (brands) and Customers (accounts) to a Salesman (Field force).

• Budgeting: The process of budgeting is setting targets to field force for the coming year on monthly basis.

• Sales Monitoring: Monitoring the process of sale targets which has been assigned to a salesman (field force) by comparing actual sale values in the ERP system.

• Track Stock and Consumption of accounts: The process of tracking the consumption of brands in each account on monthly basis. This module helps to track the stock level in each account for each brand. Stock level alert in this module will help user to forecast the expecting order for the coming months.

• Order Tracking: The order tracking module is to track the order for a brand to an account in monthly basis.

• Patient Tracking: This module is to track the number of patients who are consuming the brands in each account on monthly basis. Patient tracking module helps user to analyze the correctness of Order tracking and stock forecasting.

• Reports: Customized reports for each module to deliver effective management, monitoring and forecasting of system. Report module gives flexibility to users for the effective customization of reports with different set of attributes.

Budgeting Screen:

Smartonco budget

Field Force Screen:

Smartonco Field

Patient Tracker Screen:

Smartonco patient

Stock & Consumption Tracker:

Smartonco Stock